Moe’s at Uptown Mall, BGC

I’ve been wandering around the entire afternoon with hubs and of course, what comes after? HUNGER! So, hubs and I decided to explore new food spots at Uptown Mall in Bonifacio Global City. What caught our attention was this poster by the escalator that says, P99 Burrito. Hubs is a sucker for Burrito but apparently, it’s available on Tuesdays only. So the poster got us walking towards Moe’s.


The Menu

What sets it apart from other restaurants is how they presented their menu. It’s basically a Pay-To-Order type of establishment, but unlike other restos, it has a corner for unlimited salsa and sauces.


Salsa and Sauces all-you-can

Their prices were equally OK for the servings, plus the unlimited salsa and sauces were a great catch.


Moe’s Menu

Another thing that makes it different from other Mexican fastfood is their “Build your own Burritos, Tacos, and More”, where in you get to choose your add-ons, meats, veggies, and sides.

The Interior and Ordering

What I really liked about this place is the very Western feel of the ordering system. Choose your orders from the menu board upfront, and choose your add-ons from a wide variation while the kitchen staff prepares your order in front of you. It has a very modern interior and the space is perfect for families and large groups of people. Some of their food on the menu are good for sharing, so you can order a variety to share with your group.


Modern Interior


Menu Board


My Order

It was in the afternoon when we went to visit the place, so we were really looking for something light. I’m not a fan of Burrito since I don’t really eat rice these days. So Burrito is definitely out of the choices. Hubs and I tried the “Steak Stack” meal with Tamarind Iced Tea instead. The stack was made up steak strips, jalapenos, tomatoes, some lettuce, cucumbers, cilantro, stacked inside tortilla pockets and cut in halves.


My fair share.

We were really satisfied with the serving. The Steak Stack came with a siding of Nacho Chips with Cheese Dip. Since the resto offers unlimited salsa and sauces, we tried three of them.


Chili Sauce, Tomato and Corn Salsa, Mango Salsa, and Nacho Cheese Dip

Everything complemented our afternoon Mexican snack. The cheese dip went really well with the Steak Stack, though it was really rich and sinful for me, but I gotta commend the flavors. They played awesomely well in my mouth.


Our order with Tamarind Iced Tea

The next time you visit Uptown Mall, try out Moe’s for your TexMex fix!