I have been reading posts about recent Korean Dramas that have been on-air while I was wandering around the islands of the Philippines. I was struggling to find time to get back to my daily “Hallyu” routine, and I found out about this new drama, W, starring LEE JONG SUK!

Apparently, Lee Jong Suk (or better known as LJS to my Hallyu friends) is one of my Top 5 “Oppas”, and I’d never miss a series starring him. This W shows up in my screen. My first attempt of watching it, I was dead tired and fell asleep at the first ten minutes of the series. My first thought of course, this can’t be happening! This is LJS for goodness sake and my friends have been talking about how awesome it was! I can’t be way behind! LOL.



So watched again, this time, in a more relaxed environment, with plenty of sleep and battery. Definitely, I got engaged on the first episode (again, it’s LJS!). Reading about the chemistry between the leads, I told myself that I gotta see this for myself! I just don’t know why every time I watch an LJS series, I would always feel jealous of the main female lead. Maybe, that feeling is still the same this time, even though the plot is a whole lot different from other LJS dramas. Dear Hyo Joo eonnie, How to be you po? 

Their on-screen and off-screen chemistry is just superb! Just wondering, are they dating in real life? Please enlighten me fellow Hallyu fans.

W Plot


It is not the usual Boy-Girl relationship, rich-guy-falls-in-love-with-poor-girl kind of drama. I could tell from the very first episode. Just a mini-glimpse (coz I wouldn’t want to be spoiling the entire series), it’s about a webtoon hero coming to life and falling in love with a girl from the real world. The rest, we have to stay tuned up to the last episode.

It’s too early to rate this drama as I haven’t finished watching it yet. I’ll update you guys about this drama soon!